Meet Mrs. Vicki Olson

Hi! This is me, Mrs. Vicki Olson:)  

I am a wife (to my husband Dave), a mother of two (Aidan: 9th grade and Cora: 4th grade). I am a teacher, an organizer, a lover of the outdoors, and a passionate baker and chef. 

Of all of the things I love to do in life, one of my greatest passions is teaching.  I have taught middle school aged students for 13 years and love them and the profession immensely.  

I spend my free time relaxing with my family, going on walks outdoors, hanging out in my kitchen, and planning just about anything I can plan and organize.  I have a positive outlook on life and love to live life to the fullest.  

I have a strong belief in God that keeps my grounded in all that I do. I love to be surrounded by the faith filled community at St. Joseph Parish School.

Contact Information:
Vicki Olson