Meet Miss Graske

Name: Miss Monica Graske

Grade/Subject: 1st Grade Teacher
                                Science Lead Teacher
                            Math Lead Teacher

Contact Information

Phone: 715-262-5912

Bachelor's Degree in Education          Certified in Grades 1-8          University of Wisconsin - River Falls
Minor in Science

Teaching Experience

I taught a combined 2-3 grade classroom for 2 years at St. Francis Solanus School near Hayward, WI.  I have been teaching at St. Joseph Parish School for 3 years in 1st Grade.


Color:     Pink
Treat:     Chocolate with Caramel
Drink:     Dt. A&W Rootbeer
Number:     19
Flower:     Gerber Daisies or Cream Roses with Pink tips
Activity:     Running outside
T.V. Show:     Big Bang Theory and The Voice
Restaurants:     Papa Johns, Olive Garden and Red Lobster
Children's Book:     Little Critter