School Supplies

Mrs. Ironside's


School Supply List


    Crayola Washable Markers, 1 Fine Line/1 Broad Line (10 count)

1  Box colored pencils (12 count)

2   Elmers  White Glue (4 oz.)

10 Elmers glue sticks (0.21 oz.)

5   Pencils (#2 lead)

1   Pkg. pencil topper erasers

1   Scissors (Fisker’s brand with pointed end) (label)

1   Plastic pencil box (label)

2   Boxes of Kleenex

    Large Backpack

    Pair of tennis shoes for gym

    Beach towel (label)

1   Container of Huggies Natural Care Handi Wipes (Unscented)

    (can be refill or regular)

2   Containers of Clorox/ Lysol/ or Target Disinfecting Wipes

1   Box of Band-aides

1   Ream of White cardstock paper

Classroom Fees to be paid on Open House Night:

$5 headphones

$5 paid to the oldest child’s teacher for Fall Festival basket

$22.50 field trip fees

$10 paper fee

Kindergarten Total If Oldest Child: $42.50