Meet Mrs. Laust

Name: Mrs. Monica Laust
Grade/Subject: Music Teacher
                               Grade K-4 Physical Education Teacher
Grade 3-6 Media Literacy
                         Technology Lead Teacher

Contact Information

Phone: 715-262-5912

Bachelor's Degree in Music Education          Certified in Grades K-12 Music Education         
University of Wisconsin - River Falls
Vocal and Instrumental
Graduate coursework in Education, Technology and Physical Education

Teaching Experience

I taught at St. Bridget School in River Falls, Wisconsin for 4 years.  I have been teaching at St. Joseph Parish School for 35 years.


Treat:     Lindor Truffles
Drink:     Coffee
Flower:    Rose
Hobies: Hiking, Reading, Cooking/Baking, Musical activities, Travel
T.V. Show:     Masterpiece Theater
Restaurants:      Pannera, Mexican
Author:     Charles Dickens