Kindergarten "The Turkey Tango".MOV

Grade 6 Rehearsing "Ode To Joy" for the 
All Saint's Day School Mass on November 1

Grade 4 Mallet Rondo.MOV

Grade 4 playing the instruments they designed and made.
Grade 3 "Shoo Fly"

Grade 3 Shoo Fly.MOV

Kindergarten Class singing "Apple Tree" and playing a chase game


Grade 2 "Bell Horses" Activity in Gym

Grade 2 Bell Horses Activity.MOV

Grade 2 "Bell Horses" Mallets

Grade 2 Bell Horses Mallets.MOV

Grade 2 "Obwissana" Cup Passing

Grade 2 Obwissanna.MOV

Grade 3  "Bow Belinda" Folk Dance

Grade 3 Bow Belinda.MOV

Grade 4 "Wheavely Wheat"

Grade 4 Weavelly Wheat.MOV

Grade 5 "On The Open Plain" playing self-created instruments

Grade 5 On The Open Plain.MOV

Kindergarten dancing to "The Turkey Tango"

Kindergarten "The Turkey Tango".MOV

Grade 2 "I Can Sing A High Note" with mallets

Grade 2 I Can Sing A High Note.MOV

Grade 2 demonstrating Mallet Rotation

Grade 2 Mallet Rotation.MOV



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